The visit

Anamnesis : Knowing Your Medical History

The chiropractor begins by making a complete list of your medical history: trauma, infections, accidents since your childhood. He needs to know which techniques are the best adapted to your case, and which are not appropriate. Afterwards, he will take a complete history of the symptom which you've come to see him about.
It’s important to notice that it’s not essential to come with a pain to receive a chiropractic treatment, you can come to receive a preventive treatment.


Physical Examination

If you bring any medical imaging scans to your appointment, such as X-rays, CT scans, or MRI scans, the chiropractor will evaluate them. After that, he will perform some other examinations: analysis of your posture, neurologic exam, orthopedic exam, and palpation of your spinal column, to investigate the origin of your problems.

Physical Examination



The Treatment

After establishing a diagnosis, the chiropractor will help to diminish your pain and to treat the cause.
In order to do this, he’ll work on your body in a natural way with specific spinal manipulations which chiropractors call adjustments.

Treatment chiropractic